about iok


Interior Design and Decoration, coupled with individual Product Design provides a truly unique space of quality and beauty.


Colour is used to harmonise and soothe the spirit. Skilled colour use by IOK Design will contribute to the wellbeing of your space and its occupants.


Tailored to you, the individual. IOK Design will reflect your personality in a way that is aesthetically pleasing, practical with an efficient use of space and light.


Excellence is not compromised. Awareness of the Design Life Cycle invites the use of Environmentally Aware and Recyclable materials where possible. Low energy product use, lack of waste and long lasting materials with quality construction will contribute to the health of our future.


So, if you have a design dilemma, want a revamp or a refit, need to find furniture, don't know what colour to paint your wall or just can't agree - iok design will help you. No problem is too small.
We come to you.